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Fudge Flavours

Our handmade, smooth, creamy gourmet fudge comes in a wide range of delicious flavours.

We always have our regular favourites available, plus special flavours each month.

Our regular flavours are:


Chocolate (Milk Chocolate, Plain Chocolate, Extra Dark Chocolate)


Mint & Chocolate Swirl

Orange & Chocolate Swirl (Jaffa)

Chocolate Raspberry


Lemon Sorbet
Crème Brulee (made with Vanilla from Tonga) Chocolate Caramel Pecan
Chocolate Vanilla with Belgian chocolate chips Coffee &Vanilla Swirl
Chilli Chocolate Chocolate Ginger


Our special fudges include:

Chai Latte Maple Walnut
Carrot Cake Fudge Lime
Mango Watermelon
Cranberry Lemon Meringue
Sticky Toffee Caramel (Good ‘n Gooey) Pineapple Lump
Rum ‘n Raisin Maple Walnut
Sherbert Tang Strawberry & white Chocolate Cheesecake Fudge            
Cookies and Cream Cinnamon Jam Donut




Chocolate Truffles

Rich smooth caramel truffles - encased in a chocolate shell and dipped again in chocolate. In boxes or bags of 3, 6 or 12
Raspberry Caramel with a touch of Vodka
Tropical Caramel (Combination of Lime, Mango and Passionfruit)
Salted Caramel in a milk or dark chocolate shell, rolled in caramelised almonds
Milk Chocolate and Honey truffles
Whiskey Truffles


Rochers - Little chocolate rocks of caramelised almonds in milk or dark Belgian chocolate with aigulettes (crystallised lemon and orange peel from France)
or with Ginger - your choice!
In White chocolate with pistachio.
Peppermint Fondants – Classic peppermint
Passionfruit Hearts – White chocolate with a heart of passionfruit caramel
Orange pralines – Little crunchy orange in a smooth chocolate ganache
Mitlini – Ouzo Truffles dipped in chocolate and rolled in shaved chocolate flakes
Alpini – Soft Chocolate and Hazelnut truffles dipped in Chocolate and rolled in icing sugar
Palet D’Or – Classic Rich dark chocolate ganache dipped in dark chocolate with a touch of gold leaf.

Chocolate Novelties

White, Milk or Dark Chocolate Robots

Chocolate lollipops - hearts, double hearts, paw prints, teddies or cheeky smiley faces
Little Bunnies

Chocolate Oasis, Auckland

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